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When you purchase a hypnosis audio track from this website, you are downloading a hypnotherapy mp3 session which has been written and recorded by an experienced practising hypnotherapist, based on years of experience of working with a wide variety of problems and issues.

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These hypnotherapy downloads are provided as MP3 audio files, recorded in English, which can be saved on your computer and played using a desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, tablet, iPod, iPhone, iPad or other mobile device.

Each hypnosis audio download also comes with instructions and some of the hypnotherapy packs also include supporting information such as worksheets. These are supplied as Adobe Acrobat PDF files and can be opened using most laptop and desktop computers as well as a variety of mobile devices including many smartphones and tablets.

Adobe Reader can be used to view PDF files. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, please click the logo below and you will be transferred to the Adobe website where you will be able to download the free version of Adobe Reader.

Listening to your hypnotherapy downloads

Instructions are provided with each individual audio download or hypnotherapy programme. To get the best from your hypnotherapy download, it is strongly recommended that you follow the instructions provided to allow the suggestions and hypnotherapy techniques the opportunity to take effect and work with your subconscious mind. For best results, you should listen to the audio tracks using earphones or headphones.

Everyone experiences hypnosis differently; some people feel as though their body and limbs are heavy, some feel a tingling sensation or lightness, some see images and some people may not see images or hear anything in particular, but they do feel very calm and relaxed. However the experience of hypnosis feels for you, the suggestions given in the hypnotherapy downloads will still work with your subconscious mind and when combined with your motivation and commitment, will help you to make the positive changes that you need to achieve your goals. Hypnosis is a very individual and personal experience, but it is also a skill that can be learned and like most skills, the more you practise, the better you can become.

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