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These hypnosis audio tracks have been written and recorded by an experienced UK based hypnotherapist to help you with a variety of problems and issues. Each hypnotherapy session is supplied as an mp3 file, so you can listen to them on your computer, iPod, mp3 player, smartphone, iPad or tablet PC.

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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Release Anxiety

Freedom from Panic attacks

Fears & Phobias

Overcome Fear of Flying

Overcome Fear of Heights

Overcome Fear of Injections

Overcome Fear of the Dentist

Overcome Fear of Spiders

Confidence & Self Esteem

Confidence Booster

Increase Self Esteem



Workplace Stressbuster

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Programme

Remain a Non Smoker

Weight Loss

Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme

Enjoy Healthy Eating

Increase Exercise Levels

Personal Development

7/11 Breathing Technique

Learn Self Hypnosis

Public Speaking with Confidence

Driving Test Anxiety

Exam Nerves

Confidence in Job Interviews

Insomnia & Sleep Problems

Drift Off to Sleep

Go Back to Sleep


Island Journey

A Swim in the Ocean

On the Beach

Hypnotherapy Packs

Anxiety & Panic Attacks Pack

Confidence Booster Pack

Stressbuster Pack

Insomnia & Sleep Problems Pack

Relaxation Pack

Personalised Hypnosis

Personalised Hypnotherapy Downloads

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