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Stop Smoking Programme

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Stop Smoking Programme

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Do you want to stop smoking but are finding it difficult to have that last cigarette? Whether you've been a smoker for a long time or maybe just a few years, giving up cigarettes or tobacco can often be a daunting prospect; especially if you have tried to stop smoking before, but not been as successful as you'd hoped.

Become a non smoker again

Nobody is born a smoker. Smoking is something that many people choose to do for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it was peer pressure from friends when you were younger. Maybe you smoked that first cigarette out of curiosity, boredom or a desire to appear more 'grown up'.

The thought of having to stop doing something that perhaps we enjoy, is not one that many of us look forward to; for the same reason that many people don't enjoy dieting! However, the idea that you have to quit smoking or stop smoking is actually a bit misleading because you are not actually giving anything up. Instead, all you are doing, is returning to being a non smoker again; something that you are already used to and a state that your body is naturally designed for.

Most people are aware of the addiction to nicotine and health problems that smoking can cause, but there are often hidden fears about giving up smoking as well. Fears including:

  • Will I put on weight?
  • Smoking helps me to relax. How will I cope?
  • What do I do when I'd normally have a cigarette?
  • All my friends smoke - what will they think of me?

Hypnotherapy can help you to address these issues and when combined with your will power and determination, can be an effective way to become a non smoker.

The Programme

This is a comprehensive programme which includes listening to hypnosis audio sessions, following guidelines and reading the information provided. To benefit fully from the programme, it is essential that you want to stop smoking, you want a healthy lifestyle and that you are willing to follow the instructions and guidelines throughout the programme.

  • Session 1: Preparing for Change
    During weeks 1 and 2, this session looks at why you started smoking, how it affects you now, your decision to stop smoking and the benefits of being a non smoker.
  • Session 2: The Stop Smoking Session
    In week 3, you will listen to this session which contains powerful suggestions for your subconscious mind to help you leave cigarettes behind and stop smoking.
  • Session 3: Remain a Non Smoker
    During weeks 3 and 4, this session is designed to build upon the progress you have made and help you to remain a non smoker.

Is it guaranteed to work?

The key to success is you. Smoking cessation products and programmes will only be successful if you are totally committed to stopping smoking. You need to be prepared to make changes to your lifestyle as well as following the programme instructions and guidelines. Like most types of therapy, there can be no definite guarantees. However, by participating in the Stop Smoking Programme, you will have the tools and ability to change your habits, make healthier lifestyle choices and become a non smoker.


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Stop Smoking Programme

Hypnotherapy Download

Make positive life changes and become a non smoker with this hypnosis audio download programme from

What you get:

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